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Les Van VleetBroker / Owner / CEO / GRI / CNE / REALTOR / Director
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Colorado real estate license 326009 - member of smdra / car / nar. i am a realtor. 

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Here are a few things you may not know about me! 

1) love good jokes.  I can barely remember any of the good ones but I like to hear / see them. Click here for joke of the day

2) Left handed - like they say I'm always in my right mind.  Well not according to my wife or kids, they think 'm a little nuts. 

3) I have creative ideas that sometimes drives me crazy.  Here are just a few that I've got detailed drawings and or actual working models:

‚Äč4) Designed and built my backyard.  

5) Like to draw my ideas, ok some of my drawings look like a 3rd grader but whatever.  Floor plans, inventions, trailers, and building structures.

6) Worked on a farm between the ages of 11 and 13.  Summers and half of one school year, 6th grade I think.  Loved it!  It was great learning about biology and obtaining a solid work ethic.

7) I am not a mechanic. I hate working on cars.  Glad to have a son-in-law that can take care of all that.  

8) Photography.  I've sold some of my art work out of a gallery in Fairplay, CO.  I love taking photos of fire.  It's amazing what kind of images you can capture from fire.      

9) I enjoy movies.  You could say it's my weakness.  Action Adventure and newer SiFi are my favorite.  Love watching the animated movies with the kids.  My back yard has a 55in tv with DVD and surround sound.  Great time year around.    

10) It would be fun to write articles about food.  I really like eating.  I try not to watch the food channel because it would make me feel like I was cheating on my refrigerator.

11) I actually designed this website layout and functionality.  My son is an awesome help when it comes to making it all work.  Thanks bud you are a true "God send".  I hope you find it easy to use and a place you can tell your friends and family.

12) I love my kids.  They are our world.  One of the reasons I work for myself is to have the flexibility to be with them when ever they need. 

13) I've been with my wife for 30yrs.